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Marketing Director
Title:Marketing Director
Location :Riyadh
Nationality :Saudi Arabia
Industry:Information Technology and Services

Tasks and Responsibilities:

• Participate in developing the main objectives of the administration and developing and implementing plans, programs and projects that contribute to the achievement of these goals.
• Determine the performance goals of the department's employees in line with the department's goals, follow up on their performance, and provide the necessary feedback to enable them to achieve these goals.
• Developing and coordinating operational plans and procedures for the department's employees and defining the tasks and responsibilities assigned to them.
• Recommending to the line manager regarding remuneration, appointments, promotions, and transfers of administration employees and following up on all related leave, leave and other related matters.
• Determine the training needs of management personnel, recommend the necessary training courses, and monitor the effectiveness and results of these courses.
• Determine the administration’s financial and human resources needs and administrative requirements depending on the specified procedures and processes and submit them to the line manager.
• Ensure that the administration applies all regulations and decisions and communicate with employees to enhance their understanding and update them with all developments.
• Monitor employees' adherence to the directions and tasks assigned to them and ensure they are performing effectively.
• Receive reports prepared by the administration's employees and prepare special and periodic reports on the work progress in the department and its achievements and submit them to the line manager.
• Supervising the preparation annual marketing plan and the operational plans emanating from it, in addition to following up on the implementation of the marketing plan.
• Attending and participating in conferences and exhibitions of internal and external relations with the aim of promoting the services and getting acquainted with the latest developments and services developed in the field.
• Ensure that the administration carries out work related to social responsibility and follows up periodically
• Supervising the provision of the necessary support for all departments in matters of designing and preparing publications, designing and preparing the annual report.
• Ensure that the administration provides all marketing tools such as publications, films and gifts
• Performing any other related tasks as required by the work need and with the assistance of the direct manager.


• Fluency in both Arabic and English in writing and speaking.
• Related informatics systems and programs.
• Teamwork
• Accuracy in completing the work in a timely manner and following up on it
• Analytical and problem-solving skills
• Planning, organizing and time management skills
• Initiative
• Delegation
• Supervising and monitoring
• Decision making
• Motivating others
• Positive change management
• Marketing plan
• Promotion and marketing campaigns
• Social responsibility
• Building a corporate identity
• Preparing annual reports
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